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Volvo Reality
Volvo Reality
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Volvo Reality

Volvo Reality cardboard

Presenting Volvo Reality
The Volvo XC90 Experience is here

Be one of the first to experience the all-new Volvo XC90 with Volvo Reality, a full virtual reality test drive on your phone.

Volvo Reality xc90

How it works
See Volvo Reality in action

Go from a flat piece of cardboard to a full virtual reality headset in less than a minute. It's a test drive so immersive you have to experience it to understand it.

Volvo Reality

Experience the Volvo XC90
Download the app

Get the Volvo Reality app and immerse yourself in a breathtaking mountain drive in the all-new XC90, the most intuitive Volvo ever designed. Don't have a Google Cardboard Headset? Not a problem. The app works both with or without Google Cardboard.

Volvo Reality andoird Volvo Reality iphone

Designed around you
Explore the XC90

Clean. Uncluttered. Intuitive. We didn't just reimagine a car. We reimagined everything about it. From the understated elegance of the interior to distinctly powerful road presence. It's a car designed around you.

Volvo Reality behind the scenes

The inside story
Go behind the scenes

This is the first-ever fully immersive test drive, using just a smartphone and Google Cardboard headset. How did it all work? Get the behind-the-scenes story of the latest Volvo innovation.

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